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MAVI STEP is a brand born out of a century-old tradition in the footwear industry. Experts with decades of experience develop it.

Having worked for a long time with products from other manufacturers, we have studied their disadvantages and advantages. This has enabled us to derive the formula, without too much modesty, for the ideal products.

MAVI STEP offers optimum solutions that cover 100% of our customers’ needs. Professional counselling is another thing we are proud of. By sharing our advice and author’s methods of shoe care, we help preserve customers’ health, comfort and money, and easily get excellent results.

Company History

We found MAVI STEP in Ukraine in 1996. We produce and sell shoe care products that meet international quality standards.

  • 1996 — We buy and sell wholesale shoe care products from various manufacturers.
  • 1998 — We take a course towards the supply of premium products.
  • 2004 — We have arranged ongoing cooperation with major European brands.
  • 2008 — We sell foot and leg health products.
  • 2010 — We develop anatomical, hygienic, orthopaedic and preventive shoe insoles.
  • 2011 — We manufacture products under the MAVI STEP brand name.
  • 2012 — We are opening our first MAVI STEP shop in Kyiv.
  • 2013 — We are opening our fifth MAVI STEP shop.
  • 2016 — We are opening our tenth MAVI STEP shop.
  • 2017–present — We are making the concept of personalized customer service the foundation of the company philosophy and the No. 1 advantage.

Personalised Service and Product Selection

MAVI STEP has been solving customers’ problems related to leather goods or foot health for over 25 years. We have found that each of these problems can only be solved 100% by individual customer service. For example, we can offer two different customers different products, even if the problem and material or colour of the product is the same. After all, besides these characteristics, we also take many other factors into account.

How we work:

  1. We study the contents of the order, contact the customers, and interview them to determine whether the products in the order are suitable for their problems.
  2. If the products in the order will not solve the problem, we offer effective alternatives.
  3. We tell about the special features of each product, instruct in the sequence of operations that will help achieve a WOW-effect, and teach how to perform maintenance or restoration.
  4. We provide additional advice if the customer contacts us on the application of MAVI STEP products.

When you order products from other online shoe and foot care shops, you will receive only these products and nothing else. When you buy from MAVI STEP, besides the product itself, you will receive:

  • Personalised service. Our managers will determine during a conversation whether the products ordered will solve the problem 100% and offer the best solution.
  • Author’s methods for taking care of shoes and leather goods. MAVI STEP is a team of practitioners. That we have been professionally involved in shoe and leather goods restoration for decades can explain our popularity in Ukraine and beyond. During that time, we have learned, for example, that specific products reinforce each other’s actions. Or, for example, to determine that the care or restoration process will be more effective if we add an intermediate step to the standard operating procedure. Until recently, these techniques were kept secret and used only by our artisans. We now share them with our customers.
  • Lifelong support. If you have any difficulties or questions about the use of our products or accessories, call the MAVI STEP managers. We will provide detailed advice, whether you made your purchase a day, a week, or a month ago. Quality customer service at every stage of the purchase and after the sale of the product is something we pride ourselves on.

Benefits of MAVI STEP Products

MAVI STEP produces care products for smooth leather, nubuck, suede, and other materials. Our brand includes orthopaedic products to prevent foot, and leg diseases, as well as shoe accessories.

  • MAVI STEP products undergo several stages of research — they do not harm the health and appearance of your shoes.
  • Our products contain high-quality organic ingredients: natural waxes, fats, oils, etc.
  • The products on the website have detailed descriptions and the ordering process is intuitive — you’ll quickly buy the best product and understand how to use it.
  • The MAVI STEP range is constantly updated with new products.

Why Would You Like MAVI STEP Products?


  • An assortment of 1,000+ items.
  • Unique solutions for shoe and leather care, leg and foot health.
  • Laboratory-confirmed product effectiveness.
  • Easy-to-use — use products are packed in jars and bottles of the most convenient volume and complemented with sponges, sprayers, dispensers and droppers.
  • Economy — depending on the type of product, you can use it for 200–2000 pairs of shoes.
  • Optimal quality-price ratio of products.
  • Fast delivery within Ukraine. Delivery to other countries will appear soon.
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