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Bag Repair with Leather Repair Cream

Leather is a natural material that is famous for its strength and durability. But, like any other material, leather has its weak points. Under the influence of moisture, sunlight, and temperature changes, it can be damaged. Furthermore, if the leather is not properly cared for with quality nourishing products, its durability and strength suffer. It is about using such products as MAVI STEP Lux Balm Shine and MAVI STEP Creme Universelle.

If your leather bag has scuffs, cracks, or scratches, MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream will help to eliminate them. This creamy product fills in shallow damage and restores the colour of faded areas of the item. After drying, leather repair cream forms a new flexible and elastic layer that, subject to the rules for using this product, becomes one with genuine leather. Another important advantage of MAVI STEP Leather Repair is that it does not contain toxic components. That is why it can be used even for the restoration of children’s leather backpacks, bags, and other goods.

So, we suggest you read the instructions below and learn how to repair a bag with leather repair cream. If at any stage of restoration you have any questions, you can always get answers by contacting MAVI STEP consultants. Current ways to contact us are listed on the “Contact” page.

How to Repair and Restore a Leather Bag with Leather Repair Cream: Step-by-Step Instructions

Bag Repair with Leather Repair Cream

  1. Clean the bag from surface contaminants. We recommend using the MAVI STEP Alexandra or MAVI STEP Reagan brush to remove dust and dried dirt from the leather surface. These are universal accessories that, in addition to cleaning bags, can be used to remove dirt from the surface of shoes, outerwear, and other goods.
  2. Mattify the surface of the bag. To make the leather surface matte and thereby improve the adhesion of leather repair cream to the material, use the MAVI STEP Abrasive Sponge.
  3. Remove any deep dirt from the bag. The cleaning you performed in the first step helped to remove only surface dirt. But the dirt may have also penetrated deeply into the leather. If it is not removed from there, the leather repair cream will not adhere to the fibres of the material as securely as after deep cleaning.
    To clean leather bags from deep dirt, use MAVI STEP Total Cleaner. This concentrated product removes deep dirt and stains, preparing the item for restoration.
    So, dilute MAVI STEP Total Cleaner with water in a ratio of 1:6, moisten a sponge or cotton cloth with the resulting solution, and clean the leather bag.
    If the item has stains visible to the naked eye, you can make the cleaning solution more concentrated. You can also use MAVI STEP Total Cleaner, undiluted with water, to remove them.How to Repair and Restore a Sofa and Other Leather Furniture with Leather Repair Cream: Step-by-Step Instructions

    When the cleaned leather bag is completely dry, polish it with a brush.

  4. Restore the surface of the leather bag with MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream. Apply a small amount of leather repair cream to the damaged area of the bag with a piece of cotton cloth or MAVI STEP Dye Applicator Sponge. Apply this repairing agent in the same manner as you would shoe cream or shoe polish.
  5. Polish the bag with a soft cloth. Polish only after the leather repair cream is completely dry. This restorative dries quickly enough: in 20 to 40 minutes. For best results, let the leather repair cream dry for as long as possible. The longest drying time for leather repair cream is 24 hours from the moment the leather surface is treated with this product.

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