Car Leather Repair

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Leather is a natural material from which shoes, outerwear, fashion accessories, furniture, and car seats are made. If you do not regularly use nourishing and moisturising leather care products, this material dries out over time, and cracks appear on its surface. Timely repair of leather reduces the risk that these cracks will increase more and more every day. To “cure” the leather interior from scuffs, shallow scratches, and cracks, use MAVI STEP car leather repair cream. This innovative product helps to restore the original appearance of the leather and extend its service life.

MAVI STEP has been producing leather repair cream and other car leather care products for over 25 years. In addition to selling these products, we provide free individual personal consultations to each of our clients. To get answers to questions related to the care of goods made of genuine leather, please contact us in the most convenient way for you, as indicated on the Contact page.

How to Repair Damaged Car Leather?

If the leather of your car’s interior has been damaged due to prolonged mechanical impact and time, you need to “cure” it as soon as possible. After all, over time, scuffs, scratches, and cracks in the leather will become larger and, as a result, you will simply have to change the interior of the car.

There are two ways to repair car leather. The first of them should be used if the damage to the leather is not serious and there are no through cracks or scratches on it. The product that should be used in this case is MAVI STEP car leather repair cream. This creamy product fills shallow indentations that appear on the leather due to its damage and makes the surface of the material smooth. Instructions for use of MAVI STEP car leather repair cream are available on the product page. You can also contact us in the most convenient way listed on the Contact page to get advice on the application of this and other products manufactured by our company.

Another way to repair car leather is to use it if the material has through cracks and scratches. In this case, you must first eliminate the main damage, for example, by carefully glueing a leather patch on the inside of the hole. After that, we recommend buying MAVI STEP car leather repair cream to level the surface layer of the material.

Can MAVI STEP Car Leather Repair Cream be Used to Repair Other Leather Goods?

MAVI STEP car leather repair cream is an innovative product that can be safely used to restore the surface layer of any item made of genuine or artificial leather. Thanks to the special formula of the product, it dries quickly only after contact with the material being processed. So, if there is MAVI STEP car leather repair cream left in the can, then it will be possible to repair another leather item with its help even in a month or two.

We also want to note that reviews of MAVI STEP car leather repair cream can be read on the product page.