Leather Furniture Repair

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Leather furniture repair cream is a creamy dye that allows you to restore the appearance of a sofa, armchair, ottoman, etc. This product effectively removes scuffs, shallow scratches, and cracks and returns saturation and brightness to the faded areas of the leather.

In the online store mavistep.com, you can buy leather furniture repair cream, presented in 48 colours and shades. For example, we produce and sell this product in anthracite, dark fuchsia, platinum metallic, as well as deep bright blue, orange, and many other colours. In addition to selling leather furniture care products and care products for other goods made of genuine and artificial leather, we provide free advice on the proper use of these products to achieve maximum effect. To get answers to your questions, please contact MAVI STEP managers by choosing the most convenient way of communication listed on the “Contact” page.

Features and Advantages of MAVI STEP Leather Furniture Repair Cream

  1. MAVI STEP leather furniture repair cream does not contain toxic components. Even if the sofa, armchair, or couch that you are going to restore is a favourite resting place for your children, feel free to use the above product; it is absolutely safe for your health.
  2. MAVI STEP leather furniture repair cream is suitable for the restoration of both old and new furniture. You can use the product, which is sold on this page of the online store mavistep.com, to restore both the recently purchased sofa, on which scratches appeared, and the chair on which your great-grandfather liked to rest. In the latter case, 24 hours before applying MAVI STEP leather furniture repair cream, be sure to treat the leather coating with MAVI STEP Cream Softener, which “stitches” the leather fibres damaged by time.
  3. MAVI STEP leather furniture repair cream, after drying, imitates the surface of genuine leather. Do not worry that after the restoration of the sofa, ottoman, or armchair, the area treated with our leather repair cream will be striking with its unnatural texture. If you follow the rules for using this product and choose the right colour, the formed layer will become one with the surface of the item.
  4. MAVI STEP leather furniture repair cream dries quickly. The minimum drying time of the product, which you can buy on this page of the mavistep.com website with fast delivery to Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and EU countries, is only 20–40 minutes. But if the use of the restored product does not “burn” you, we recommend waiting 24 hours for maximum adhesion of the product to the leather fibres.
  5. MAVI STEP leather furniture repair cream is sold in a convenient format. We pack this product in small jars of 10 mL. This volume was chosen not by chance because 10 ml is enough to treat one square metre of leather; the restoration of this area is the most common among our customers from Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and EU countries.
  6. Leather furniture repair cream, like other MAVI STEP leather care products, is easy to use. You don’t need to be a master of leather restoration to properly apply the product presented on this page of the online store mavistep.com. All you need to do to restore the damaged area of the sofa, armchair, or couch is to follow the instructions on the product page.

If, after reading the description and instructions on the product page, as well as reading reviews about leather furniture repair cream, you still have questions, MAVI STEP consultants will be happy to answer them. Current ways to contact us are listed on the “Contact” page.