Leather Jacket Repair

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A leather jacket is an outerwear item that has been popular for decades among both men and women without going out of fashion for any season. However, as in the case of other goods made of genuine leather that are not properly cared for on a regular basis, the jacket may lose its attractiveness over time, becoming covered with scuffs, cracks, and scratches.

Leather jacket repair cream is an innovative product that will help to restore the lost attractiveness of your favourite outerwear. It has a creamy structure and, after application to the item, binds to the leather fibres, forming a new surface layer. This layer is similar to genuine leather in its elasticity and flexibility. Its texture is also similar to that of leather; in the case of a properly selected colour, no one will ever notice the place on the jacket that was previously damaged.

In the MAVI STEP online store, you can buy leather jacket repair cream, which has a number of advantages over similar products on the Ukrainian, British, and European markets. We suggest you familiarise yourself with some of these advantages.

Features and Advantages of MAVI STEP Leather Jacket Repair Cream

  1. There are many colours and shades. The palette of MAVI STEP leather jacket repair cream includes 48 different colours and shades. Pastel grey-yellow-brown, orange, red-yellow-brown, black, deep violet-blue, and other colours of leather repair cream can be ordered now on the website mavistep.com.
  2. Flexibility of application. If the colour chart of MAVI STEP leather jacket repair cream does not contain the required shade, you can create it yourself by mixing several other colours of this product. In addition, when it comes to flexibility of application, we also mean that this product can be applied both with a sponge and a cotton cloth, as well as used to restore various types of genuine smooth leather (including aniline) and leatherette (eco-leather).
  3. Ease of use. To restore the appearance of the jacket with leather repair cream, you don’t need to be a master of leather restoration. If you follow the algorithm for applying this product, you can easily restore the item, even if you do it for the first time. And if, nevertheless, at some stage of the application you have difficulties, you can always get answers to your questions by contacting MAVI STEP consultants. To do this, choose the most convenient way of communication for you, as indicated on the “Contact” page. In addition, our managers are always ready to help you choose the most suitable leather care products.

How to Use MAVI STEP Leather Jacket Repair Cream

  1. Spotlessly clean the jacket from dust and dried dirt with a brush.
  2. Make the leather surface matte with an abrasive sponge.
  3. If necessary, clean the leather with a liquid cleaner.
  4. Treat the damaged area with leather repair cream.
  5. Wait for the item to dry, then polish it with a soft cloth.
  6. For more reliable fixation, treat the jacket with fixing lacquer.

For further care of the item treated with MAVI STEP leather repair cream, be sure to use nourishing leather jacket care products of our brand. For example, creams or balms.

Now that you know where to buy leather jacket repair cream and how to use it, you can easily restore your favourite outerwear made of genuine or artificial leather.