MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream

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MAVI STEP Leather Repair is a premium leather repair cream for restoring the colour and surface of smooth, fine, and artificial leather, as well as removing scuffs on goods made of these materials. The product effectively solves the problems of colour loss, scuffs, scratches, and cracks.



The MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream is individually handcrafted and tailored to meet your specific needs. We take great care in selecting the right option for your item, considering its material, color, and unique requirements. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that you receive a high-quality product that provides exceptional results. We pride ourselves on being the only company in the world to offer this level of customization.

MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream is a premium product for restoring the damaged surface layer of smooth leather. Leather repair cream effectively removes scuffs, small scratches and cracks and restores faded colours without deteriorating the properties of the material. The MAVI STEP Leather Repair palette consists of 48 colours: white, black, brown, beige, grey, orange, pink, blue, etc. In addition, leather repair cream is also available in metallic colours: dark and light shades of silver, gold, and bronze. Thanks to this opportunity, you will definitely find a colour that matches the colour of the item you plan to restore. If the required shade is not in the palette, it is allowed to mix several colours of the product.

MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream is a product that contains the maximum concentration of resistant pigment and provides complete coverage of the surface of the treated item. After drying, leather repair cream creates a flexible and elastic coating on the treated shoes, outerwear, accessories, furniture upholstery, or car interior.

MAVI STEP Leather Repair does not contain toxic components, so the product can be used for the restoration of children’s leather shoes. MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream is the best product for repairing broken toes and backs of shoes, as well as damaged heels with leather coating.

Materials of application: genuine smooth leather, artificial leather (leatherette), eco-leather.

Shoes, outerwear (jackets, coats, etc.), accessories (bags, wallets, etc.), furniture upholstery (sofas, armchairs, etc.), steering wheel, car interior, dashboard, and seats are all suitable for restoration.

Consumption rate. One jar (10 ml) of MAVI STEP Leather Repair cream is enough to restore one steering wheel or 1 sq. m of leather.

How to Use MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream: Instructions for Use

  1. Clean the surface of the item from dust and dried dirt with a MAVI STEP Alexandra or MAVI STEP Reagan double-sided shoe brush.
  2. Perform deep cleaning of the leather with concentrated MAVI STEP Total Cleaner diluted with water in a ratio of 1:6. Use a sponge for application and cleansing.
  3. Wait until the leather item is completely dry and make its surface matte with the MAVI STEP Abrasive Sponge.
  4. Take a minimum amount of leather repair cream with a sponge or brush and apply it evenly on the entire surface of the item or only on the area that needs restoration. If there are shallow scratches on the surface of the item, apply a little more leather repair cream on them with a spatula or a MAVI STEP Chamoisine shoe cloth.
  5. Wait 1 hour for the item to dry completely before polishing it with MAVI STEP Chamoisine shoe cloth.
  6. Apply a few drops of MAVI STEP Universal Dye Fixative on a sponge and evenly treat the area of the item that was restored with leather repair cream.
Attention: MAVI STEP Leather Repair is a product that allows you to restore the colour of the item and “repair” its surface, eliminating scratches and abrasions. It does not nourish the leather. For this reason, for further care of a leather item that has been restored with MAVI STEP Leather Repair cream, be sure to use MAVI STEP Creme Universelle leather balm, MAVI STEP Creme de Beaute wax-based shoe cream, and/or MAVI STEP Cirage de Luxe shoe polish.
Attention: Colours from the colour chart of this product may slightly differ from the real ones due to the peculiarities of the monitor or display colour rendering.

Video Demonstrating the Effect of MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream

Additional information




Repair Cream


Beige, Black, Blue, Bronze, Brown, Burgundy, Crimson, Gold, Green, Grey, Khaki, Light Blue, Light Green, Lilac, Multicolor, Olive, Orange, Peach, Pink, Powder, Red, Silver, Terracotta, Turquoise, Violet, White, Yellow


101 White, 118 Black, 304 Deep Olive Green, 306 White Grey, 307 Beige, 308 Yellow, 309 Medium Gray, 310 Light Beige Brown, 311 Grey, 313 Light Orange, 314 Dark Red, 315 Siena, 317 Deep Bright Blue, 319 Light Red, 320 Brown, 321 Dark Red Yellow Brown, 322 Bright Chestnut, 326 Pastel Sandy, 327 Pink Red, 328 Dark Fuchsia, 329 Pink Beige, 331 Red Yellow Brown, 333 Khaki, 334 Deep Purple Pink, 337 Dark Brown, 338 Whitish Beige, 341 Light Cream, 345 Bright Midnight, 346 Deep Red Brown, 350 Soft Pink, 352 Sky Blue, 358 Grey Blue, 360 Anthracite, 361 Orange, 365 Pale Pink, 379 Pastel Grey Yellow Brown, 382 Turquoise, 385 Powder Pink, 390 Light Beige, 393 Copper Metallic, 394 Platinum Metallic, 395 Gold Metallic, 396 Bronze Metallic, 397 Silver Metallic, 400 Bronze Metallic With A Grey Shade, 401 Silver Vanilla Metallic, 503 Powdery Rose, 508 Deep Purple Blue

Item Type

Bags, Belts, Footwear, Furniture, Jackets, Pants, Sneakers, Vehicle Interiors


Fine Leather, Smooth Leather, Synthetic Leather


Color Fading, Cracked Leather, Scratches, Scuffs


Remove Scratches, Repair Color, Repair Leather Surface


10 ml


Glass Jar

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  1. Mateus Vieira

    This leather repair product is fantastic! It’s so easy to use and it really works! I had some leather furniture that was starting to show its age, and this product helped me repair it and make it look new again. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

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