MAVI STEP Anti-Slip Black Heel Grips

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Protect against skin chafing above the heel with these black heel grips for shoes.


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Keep your feet comfortable and pain-free with MAVI STEP Anti-Slip Black Heel Grips. These grips are made of black suede and feature a latex insert that reduces pressure on the foot in the upper heel area. The adhesive on the back ensures a secure fit inside your shoe, providing protection against skin chafing above the heel. We recommend using these grips when putting on new shoes and with proper care, they can be used multiple times.

Please note: These grips should not be worn on bare feet.

How to Use MAVI STEP Anti-Slip Black Heel Grips:

  1. Remove the protective strip from the back of the heel grip.
  2. Apply the heel grip to the degreased inner-top part of your shoe’s heel.

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