MAVI STEP Chamoisine Shoe Shine Cloth

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MAVI STEP Chamoisine is a reusable cotton cloth for cleaning, polishing, and applying products to shoes and leather goods.



MAVI STEP Chamoisine is a cloth for:

  • cleaning leather shoes, clothes, bags and furniture from dust;
  • deep cleaning of genuine leather and leatherette with balms and cleaners (MAVI STEP Creme Universelle, etc.);
  • applying shoe creams and shoe polishes (MAVI STEP Creme de Beaute, MAVI STEP Cirage de Luxe, etc.);
  • polishing leather shoes, clothes, bags, furniture and car interiors;
  • creating a glasage.

The shoe shine cloth has overlocked edges and different side textures:

  • smooth — for cleaning and applying products;
  • fleecy — for polishing.

Material: 100% natural cotton.

Shoe shine cloth size: 32 x 50 cm.

Features and Benefits of MAVI STEP Chamoisine Shoe Shine Cloth

  • Convenient to use.
  • It has a different texture on the sides.
  • Reusable, subject to periodic handwashing.

How to Care for Your MAVI STEP Chamoisine Shoe Shine Cloth

Hand washing in warm soapy water is recommended.

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