MAVI STEP Corectus Plus Big Toe Bunion Guard

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Anatomical interdigital septum (bursoprotector) with ossicular protection for pain relief in valgus deformity of the first toe, separation of the first and second overlapping or inflamed toes. Prevents friction of the joint in the shoe, protects against micro trauma.


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MAVI STEP Corectus Plus is a gel toe interdigital septum with a protective plate in the area of the big toe joint. Used to correct valgus deformity of the big toe and reduce discomfort due to transverse flatfoot and similar orthopaedic indications. Separates pressed toes and protects the joint from pain and chafing in shoes.

How to Care for MAVI STEP Corectus Plus Interdigital Septum

Wash the interdigital septum in water with a small amount of liquid soap, wipe with a soft cloth and dry it at room temperature, away from direct sunlight or radiators.

Please note! MAVI STEP Corectus Plus must not be washed in washing machines or with chlorine-based detergents.

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Interdigital Septa, Toe Cap


One Size

Призначення устілок та ортопедичних товарів


Матеріал устілок та ортопедичних товарів



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