MAVI STEP Filc Warm Insoles for Shoes, size 35-46

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Don’t let cold feet ruin your winter activities! The MAVI STEP Filc warm insoles are here to help keep your feet toasty and comfortable, even in the coldest of conditions.


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Made of foam latex covered with felt, these insoles provide insulation to help prevent hypothermia. They also help to prevent chafing of the skin on the feet and the formation of calluses and corns. The MAVI STEP Filc insoles are quick to absorb and remove sweat, making them a great choice for wearing in winter shoes without an insulated lining.

On the reverse side of the MAVI STEP Filc insoles, you’ll find a drawing that you can use to cut out the size you need. These insoles are available in sizes 35-46, so you can find the perfect fit for your feet.

To care for your MAVI STEP Filc insoles, simply dry them daily at room temperature, away from heating devices and direct sunlight. With proper care, these insoles will provide warm and comfortable feet all winter long.

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Insole and Orthotic Purpose

Calluses, Corns

Insole and Orthotic Material

Felt, Foam Latex


Ziplock Bag

1 review for MAVI STEP Filc Warm Insoles for Shoes, size 35-46

  1. S. Miller

    These winter insoles are a lifesaver! I live in a cold climate, and my feet are always cold, no matter what I wear. With these, my feet are finally warm and toasty, even after being out in the cold all day. They also prevent chafing and calluses, which is a huge bonus. I would highly recommend these to anyone who struggles with cold feet in the winter.

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