MAVI STEP Heel Med Orthopaedic Heel Pads

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Orthopaedic heel pads to reduce plantar fasciitis pain and heel strain. Made of latex foam covered with natural sheepskin. You should remove an insertable disc if necessary.



MAVI STEP Heel Med – latex foam orthopaedic heel pads covered with natural sheepskin and supplemented with an insert disc that adjusts to the problem area of heel spurs. Recommended to reduce pain in plantar fasciitis, to reduce the load on the heel and its distribution over the surface of the foot, cushioning during walking. They also protect against blisters and corns, reducing the load on the joints of the feet of overweight and obese people.

We designed MAVI STEP Heel Med orthopaedic heel pads for closed shoes and open shoes with closed heel.

Please note! The insert disc, with which MAVI STEP Heel Med Orthopaedic Heel Pads are supplemented, can be removed if necessary.

How to Care for MAVI STEP Heel Med Orthopaedic Heel Pads

Regularly wipe the leather surface of the product with a soft cloth slightly dampened in a low-concentration alcohol solution.

Additional information

The brand


The type

Heel Pads

The size

35-37, 38-40, 41-43, 44-46

The purpose of insoles and orthopaedic products

Calluses, Corns, Foot Fatigue, Heel Pain, Heel Spurs, Long Walk, Plantar Fasciitis, Standing Work

Material of insoles and orthopaedic products

Foam latex, Genuine Leather

The package

Ziplock Bag


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