MAVI STEP Lady Gel Half Insoles

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Gel half insoles for shoes to reduce pressure on the forefoot.


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MAVI STEP Lady are half insoles for women’s shoes (including high-heeled shoes). They reduce pressure on the forefoot, prevent slipping inside the shoe, and protect against skin chafing, calluses, and corns. The MAVI STEP Lady is effective in preventing transverse flatfoot. Gel half insoles are recommended for girls and women who walk a lot, work standing up or prefer to wear high-heeled shoes.

MAVI STEP Lady are suitable for closed and open shoes with or without a heel and a heel height of up to 12 cm.

How to Care for MAVI STEP Lady Gel Half Insole

  • Half insoles should be washed regularly in a mild soap solution without chlorine.
  • Dry half insoles at room temperature and store them away from direct sunlight and heating appliances.

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Shoe Inserts


One Size

Insole and Orthotic Purpose

Arch Pain, Calluses, Corns, Foot Fatigue, Long Walk, Standing Work, Top of Foot Pain

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