MAVI STEP Neo Trio Leather Treatment for Pre- and Post-Dyeing Kit


MAVI STEP Neo Trio — a kit for treating leather before and after dyeing, which includes: concentrated MAVI STEP Total Cleaner for Leather Goods, 10 ml + MAVI STEP Dye Applicator Sponge for Applying Dye to Shoes, 1 pc. + MAVI STEP Universal Dye Fixative Lacquer for Smooth Leather, 10 ml.


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MAVI STEP Neo Trio — a set of products for cleaning leather before dyeing and finishing — after. The set includes:

  • MAVI STEP Total Cleaner, 10 ml — a concentrated cleaner for natural and synthetic leather. Effectively removes dirt and salt stains, opens pores, qualitatively prepares the material for dyeing and restoration.
  • MAVI STEP Dye Applicator Sponge, 1 pc. — a convenient applicator (sponge) for applying dye or repair cream to goods made of smooth leather.
  • MAVI STEP Universal Dye Fixative, 10 ml. — a professional varnish-fixer of dye, designed to protect dyed parts of shoes from moisture, dirt, scratches and abrasions. Does not affect the softness and breathability of the product. The colour is neutral, semi-gloss.

Application material: smooth leather.

How to Use the MAVI STEP Neo Trio Leather Treatment for Pre- and Post-Dyeing Kit

  1. Clean the goods with a brush. For example, MAVI STEP Alexandra or MAVI STEP Reagan.
  2. Dilute MAVI STEP Total Cleaner with water in a 1:6 ratio in the bottle and shake the product thoroughly.
  3. Apply diluted MAVI STEP Total Cleaner to the sponge and clean the goods. Wait for the material to dry completely.
  4. Wrap the surface of the leather with scotch-brite.
  5. Dye the goods with MAVI STEP Universal Dye or restore its surface with MAVI STEP Leather Repair cream. Wait for the goods to dry completely.
  6. Apply a few drops of MAVI STEP Universal Dye Fixative to the sponge and treat the surface of the goods. Wait for the goods to dry.
  7. Polish the product with the soft side of a MAVI STEP Chamoisine shoe cloth or a cotton cloth.

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Applicator, Cleaner, Kit, Lacquer




10 ml



Для якого виробу

Bag, Belt, Footwear, Furniture, Jacket, Pants, Sneakers, Vehicle Interior


Smooth Leather


Dirt, Salt Stains, Shine Loss, Stains


Clean Off Dirt, Prepare For Dyeing, Remove Salt Stains, Remove Stains, Restore Gloss


Dropper Bottle


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