MAVI STEP Pro Balm Shine Leather Polish Cream, 25 ml

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Waterproof and self-shine shoe cream for smooth leather. It protects, nourishes, and creates a long-lasting, beautiful gloss.


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The MAVI STEP Pro Balm Shine Leather Polish Cream is individually handcrafted and tailored to meet your specific needs. We take great care in selecting the right option for your item, considering its material, color, and unique requirements. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that you receive a high-quality product that provides exceptional results. We pride ourselves on being the only company in the world to offer this level of customization.
Free of silicone, paraffin, and petroleum products

MAVI STEP Pro Balm Shine is a waterproof and self-shine shoe cream for all types of genuine smooth leather. It cleans, nourishes, restores leather colour, protects, and creates gloss without prolonged polishing. The product is easy, efficient, and economical to use; it is made from natural ingredients.

Application material: smooth leather.

Storage conditions. Waterproof & self-shine shoe cream for leather is recommended to be stored out of the reach of children and animals at a temperature of +5 to +45 °C.

How to Use MAVI STEP Pro Balm Shine Waterproof & Self-Shine Shoe Cream for Leather

  1. With a brush, clean the item of dust and coarse dirt.
  2. Thoroughly stir the cream until smooth.
  3. Apply the minimum amount of product to the sponge.
  4. Spread the product over the surface of the leather item in a motion similar to wiping a kitchen counter clean of breadcrumbs.
  5. Wait for the cream to dry completely, then polish lightly with a brush.
Note: For better care of your leather goods, treat them with MAVI STEP Cream Softener before applying MAVI STEP Pro Balm Shine.

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Balm, Cream




25 ml



Item Type

Bags, Belts, Footwear, Furniture, Jackets, Pants, Sneakers, Vehicle Interiors


Fine Leather, Smooth Leather


Color Fading, Dry Leather, Loss of Shine, Stiff Leather


Condition Leather, Nourish Leather, Repair Color, Restore Gloss, Soften Leather


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