MAVI STEP Relax Pekari Peccary Leather Footbed

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Peccary leather, latex foam and activated carbon insoles with three points of support. Designed for the treatment and prevention of longitudinal and transverse flatfoot as well as for reducing the load on the heel.



MAVI STEP Relax Pekari – three-point support insole made of peccary pigskin, latex foam and activated carbon. Designed to correct and maintain the longitudinal and transverse arch of the foot, to reduce stress in the heel and fix the foot in an anatomically correct position. The insoles prevent the occurrence and development of longitudinal and transverse flatfoot, distribute weight evenly over the entire foot area. These orthopaedic products have excellent hygienic properties, neutralise unpleasant odour, prevent corns and calluses, improve air ventilation inside the shoes and absorb moisture. MAVI STEP Relax Pekari is an optimal choice for men and women who work standing up, walk a lot, exercise regularly or have orthopaedic conditions.

MAVI STEP Relax Pekari is designed for closed shoes with a heel height up to 4 cm.

How to Care for MAVI STEP Relax Pekari Peccary Leather Footbed

  • dry insoles daily at room temperature and away from heaters;
  • wipe the leather surface of the insoles with a soft cloth lightly moistened in a mild alcohol solution.

Additional information

The brand


The type


The size

35-36, 37, 38, 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46

The purpose of insoles and orthopaedic products

Arch Pain, Arch Strain, Arthritis, Calluses, Corns, Foot Fatigue, Heel Pain, Long Walk, Longitudinal Flat Feet, Morton’s Neuroma, Over Pronation, Smelly Feet, Sports, Standing Work, Top Of Foot Pain, Transverse Flat Feet

Material of insoles and orthopaedic products

Foam latex, Genuine Leather

The features of insoles and orthopaedic products

With Activated Carbon, With anti-shock insert, With Arch Support, With Metatarsal Pad

The package

Ziplock Bag


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