MAVI STEP Relax Shock Absorber Orthopaedic Insoles with Arch Support

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Arch support insoles to support the longitudinal and transverse arches of the foot, reducing the load on the heel.



MAVI STEP Relax Shock Absorber is an orthopaedic insole with arch support made of latex foam and covered with durable soft fabric. They have three points of support and, accordingly, act on the foot in three directions:

  • support the longitudinal arch;
  • support the transverse arch;
  • reduce stress on the heel.

MAVI STEP Relax Shock Absorber prevents the development of longitudinal, transverse and longitudinal-transverse flat feet, evenly distributes the load over all surfaces of the foot, and absorbs micro-shocks when walking. Due to the properties of latex foam to “remember” the position of the foot and adapt to it, comfort inside the shoe is felt even when moving over rough terrain.

Other features and benefits of the MAVI STEP Relax Shock Absorber:

  • instantly absorb and remove sweat, which reduces the risk of unpleasant odours inside the shoes;
  • protect the skin from rubbing, the appearance of corns and corns;
  • fix the foot in an anatomically correct position and reduce the risk of its dislocation.

MAVI STEP Relax Shock Absorber is recommended for men and women who work standing up, walk a lot throughout the day, and exercise regularly. This model of arch support insoles is also used for orthopaedic indications.

MAVI STEP Relax Shock Absorber are designed for closed shoes with heels up to 4 cm.

How to Care for MAVI STEP Relax Shock Absorber Orthopaedic Insoles with Arch Support

Dry the insoles daily at room temperature away from radiators.

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Призначення устілок та ортопедичних товарів

Arch Pain, Arch Strain, Calluses, Corns, Foot Fatigue, Heel Pain, Long Walk, Longitudinal Flat Feet, Morton’s Neuroma, Over Pronation, Sports, Standing Work, Top Of Foot Pain, Transverse Flat Feet

Матеріал устілок та ортопедичних товарів

Foam latex, Textile

Особливості устілок та ортопедичних товарів

With anti-shock insert, With Arch Support, With Metatarsal Pad


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