MAVI STEP Smooth Pop Quintet for smooth leather shoes


MAVI STEP Smooth Pop Quintet set of shoe cosmetics and accessories for smooth leather care. Includes shampoo concentrate, cream, wax, polishing cloth and brush.



Volume and appearance of the goods may differ from the photo!!! The color of the cream is selected individually!

MAVI STEP Smooth Pop Septet is a smooth leather shoe care kit that includes:

-MAVI STEP Total Cleaner, 25 ml. A concentrated cleaner for natural and synthetic tanned leather.
-MAVI STEP Creme De Beaute neutral shoe cream, 50 ml. Shoe cream for restoring color, eliminating scuffs, protecting and softening natural leather.
-MAVI STEP Cirage de Luxe shoe wax, 50 ml. Wax paste for polishing and glazing.
-MAVI STEP Chamoisine double-sided shoe cloth of 100% natural cotton for cleaning and polishing of leather shoes.
-MAVI STEP Hayley shoe polishing brush. Shoe polishing brush with bristles of natural horsehair.

Algorithm of application of Smooth Pop Quintet shoe care products:

  1. Brush the top of your shoes free of dust and dirt.
  2. Dilute MAVI STEP Total Cleaner shampoo in the ratio of 1*10 and, using a MAVI STEP Chamoisine wipe, clean the surface of your shoes of dirt and used care products.
  3. Allow the surface to dry.
  4. Apply a small amount of MAVI STEP Creme De Beaute. It deeply nourishes the leather and restores color.
  5. Allow it to dry for about 20 minutes and polish with a MAVI STEP Hayley brush.
  6. Wax the heel and toe part of the shoe and polish well with a brush or cloth.

Additional information

The brand


The type




The volume

25 ml, 50 ml



For which product?

Bag, Belt, Footwear, Jacket, Pants, Sneakers

The material

Smooth Leather, Synthetic Leather

The problem

Dirt, Dry Leather, Scuffs, Shine Loss, Stiff Leather

The purpose

Clean Off Dirt, Condition Leather, Glacage, Nourish Leather, Repair Color, Restore Gloss, Soften Leather

The package

Bottle With Cap, Plastic Jar, Spray Bottle


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