MAVI STEP Souplesse Gel Shoe Cushions

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The gel cushioning inserts relieve shock loads from the heel, significantly reducing ankle and spine concussion. The special shape of the inserts provides unique shock-absorbing properties.



MAVI STEP Souplesse is a cushioning cushion made of gel. Relieves shock load from the heel, significantly reduces ankle and spine concussion. The special shape of the inserts provides cushioning properties to reduce discomfort, reduce pain and prevent the development of orthopaedic pathologies in the foot and heel area. The gel cushioning also fixes the heel in an anatomically correct position.

Recommended for overweight and obese people, athletes, orthopaedic foot disease, special medical footwear, high loads on the feet, standing and long periods of walking. Reusable when used correctly.

Thickness of cushioning: size 36-40 = 0.5 cm, size 41-46 = 0.7 cm.

How to Care for MAVI STEP Souplesse Gel Cushions

Wash insoles in mild soapy water without the use of detergents containing chlorine. Do not wash the inserts in a washing machine. Wipe the inserts with a soft cloth and sprinkle them with baby talcum powder, except in the glued areas. Dry away from heaters and direct sunlight.

Additional information

The brand


The type

Heel Pads

The size

36-40, 41-46

The purpose of insoles and orthopaedic products

Foot Fatigue, Heel Pain, Long Walk, Sports, Standing Work

Material of insoles and orthopaedic products


The package

Ziplock Bag


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