MAVI STEP Support Gel Toe Insert

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MAVI STEP Support is a gel orthopaedic insert that is designed to reduce pressure on the forefoot when walking and protect the skin from chafing. It is made of soft gel. MAVI STEP Support is supplemented with a retention ring and is recommended to be worn with closed and open shoes.



MAVI STEP Support is a soft orthopaedic gel insert for the toes and forefoot, supplemented with a middle toe retention ring. It relieves pressure when walking and protects against skin chafing, calluses, and corns in various toe deformities.

MAVI STEP Support Gel Toe & Forefoot Insert is recommended for closed and open shoes. With careful handling and care, the product can be used repeatedly.

How to Care for MAVI STEP Support Gel Toe & Forefoot Insert

  • Wash gently with mild soap and water.
  • Wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Dry at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and radiators.
  • Sprinkle with talcum powder.
Caution. Do not wash MAVI STEP Support Gel Toe & Forefoot Insert in the washing machine and/or with bleach.

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Shoe Inserts


S, M, L

Leg Type

For Left, For Right

Insole and Orthotic Purpose

Calluses, Corns, Foot Fatigue, Standing Work, Top of Foot Pain

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