MAVI STEP White Express Shoe Whitener, 75 ml

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Pigmented white colour refresher for leather and textile shoes.


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Free of silicone, paraffin, and petroleum products

MAVI STEP White Express is a high-pigment shoe care product designed to update the white colour of leather and textile products.

The Features and Benefits of MAVI STEP White Express Shoe Whitener

  • It is made from natural waxes, fats, and minerals and is absolutely safe for the processed material, human health, and the environment.
  • It paints scuffs, deep spots, and yellow spots on white shoes.
  • The appearance of white sneakers and trainers after applying the product becomes the same as on the day the shoes were bought.
  • A bottle of product is accompanied by an applicator. You can use the product even in the field.
  • After applying the product, the white colour of the shoes remains for a long time, regardless of the intensity of use or various external factors.
  • The complex formula of the product was obtained as a result of joint long-term tests of Ukrainian and French masters in the restoration of leather goods.

Application material: genuine smooth leather, textiles.

Storage conditions: store MAVI STEP White Express Shoe Whitener out of the reach of children and animals at a temperature of 5 to 40°C.

Shelf life: 10 years (when the lid is tightly closed).

How to Use MAVI STEP White Express Shoe Whitener

  1. Use a brush to remove any dust from the item. If there are deep stains, remove them with MAVI STEP Sport Shampoo.
  2. Shake the bottle vigorously and test the product on a hidden area of the shoe.
  3. Press the applicator on the shoe for one to two seconds, then spread the shoe whitener over the surface or only over those areas whose white colour you want to restore.
  4. Wait for the pigmented shoe care product to dry completely (approximately 30 minutes).
Note. To preserve the white colour of the shoes for the longest possible period, we recommend treating them with MAVI STEP Protector Universal after the shoe whitener has completely dried.
Attention! MAVI STEP White Express Shoe Whitener is not suitable for suede, nubuck or velour care.

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75 ml


101 White

Item Type

Footwear, Sneakers


Canvas Fabric, Fine Leather, Smooth Leather, Textile


Color Fading, Scuffs, Yellowing of White Material


Repair Color, Restore Whiteness


Bottle with Applicator


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