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Repair and Restoration of Shoes with Leather Repair Cream

Leather repair cream is an innovative product for the restoration and repair of the damaged surface layer of shoes and boots. This creamy product is applied with a sponge or cotton cloth directly to the leather and, after drying, forms a flexible and elastic layer. In this article, we will tell you how to properly use leather repair cream to repair shoes made of genuine smooth leather or artificial leather. But first, we want to briefly talk about the “main character” of this instruction: MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream.

MAVI STEP Leather Repair is a leather repair cream that comes in 48 different colours and shades. It effectively removes scuffs, shallow cracks, and scratches on leather goods and restores their colour. MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream doesn’t contain toxic components, so it can be used for the repair and restoration of shoes made of the most fine and delicate types of leather. Including aniline leather. The absence of toxic components in this product also makes it possible to use it for the restoration of children’s shoes, which are subjected to particularly high mechanical stress and on the surface of which scuffs and scratches often appear.

You can buy MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream on the website or by contacting our consultants, choosing the most convenient way for you as indicated on the “Contact” page.

How to Use Leather Repair Cream for Shoes: Step-by-Step Instructions

Repair and Restoration of Shoes with Leather Repair Cream

  1. Remove dust and dried dirt from the surface of leather shoes. Use the MAVI STEP Reagan or MAVI STEP Alexandra brush for cleaning. It is critical to clean only dry leather. If the shoes are wet, dry them first.
  2. Mattify the surface of the leather. Use the MAVI STEP Abrasive Sponge for mattifying leather shoes.
  3. Clean the leather thoroughly with a liquid cleaner. MAVI STEP Creme Universelle, MAVI STEP Detacheur Universal or MAVI STEP Total Cleaner are the best suited for this purpose. Each of these products contains components that not only cleanse the leather but also moisturise, nourish, and soften it. This helps to increase the tone of the material because leather repair cream is used to decorate the surface layer of leather shoes, not to care for the leather itself. Leather repair cream also penetrates deeper into the leather structure after using any of these cleaning products. Due to this, it adheres to the fibres of the material as securely as possible. As a result, the probability that the formed surface may separate from the item over time is reduced.
    MAVI STEP Total Cleaner is a concentrate. Use it without dilution with water to remove stubborn stains and dirt. To prepare leather shoes for use with leather repair cream, MAVI STEP Total Cleaner should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:6.How to Repair and Restore a Sofa and Other Leather Furniture with Leather Repair Cream: Step-by-Step Instructions
  4. Polish the shoes with a brush. Perform this procedure only after the cleaned leather is completely dry.
  5. Restore the surface of leather shoes with MAVI STEP Leather Repair. Using a cotton cloth or MAVI STEP Dye Applicator Sponge, apply a small amount of leather repair cream to the damaged areas of the shoe. Apply the product with slow but steady movements, just as you normally apply shoe cream. If the leather repair cream is applied with a cotton cloth, wrap it around your finger to make the treated material easier to “feel”. In the case of applying leather repair cream with a sponge, alternate circular and rubbing movements.
  6. Polish the shoes with a soft cloth. Only after the leather repair cream is completely dry can you start polishing. The drying time of this restoration agent is 20 to 40 minutes. But in order to get the best result, it is important to let the leather repair cream dry for as long as possible. 24 hours from the moment of application of this product is the maximum drying time.

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