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Repair of Leather Jackets and Other Outerwear With Leather Repair Cream

Leather repair cream is a product that allows you to restore the damaged surface layer of jackets, raincoats, and other leather goods. It removes scuffs, shallow scratches, and cracks and restores colour.

In this article, we will tell you how to repair a leather jacket with leather repair cream, spending very little time and money on it. But before proceeding to the main part of this instruction, we want to note an important point. If a hole appears on a leather jacket or other outerwear, it is impossible to repair it with a leather repair cream. After all, this product is not glue but a creamy dye to restore the surface layer of genuine or artificial leather. Therefore, if your jacket has through damage, we advise you to contact a leather repair shop with this problem.

How to Repair a Leather Jacket and Other Outerwear with Leather Repair Cream: Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Clean the jacket from surface contaminants. For cleaning leather outerwear, we recommend using a MAVI STEP Reagan or MAVI STEP Alexandra brush. During this stage, pay special attention to the seams; it is in these places that most dust and dirt accumulate.
  2. Make the surface of the jacket matte. In order for the leather repair cream to adhere to the leather fibres, it is important to matte the material. To do this, we recommend using an MAVI STEP Abrasive Sponge. In addition to matting the leather, this accessory also removes old dye from the item, which over time began to peel off the material. It also promotes better adhesion of the leather repair cream to the fibres of the leather item.Ремонт кожаной куртки и другой верхней одежды жидкой кожей
  3. Deeply clean the leather of the jacket. In the first stage, we have already cleaned the leather. But the dirt could not only be on its surface but also penetrate into the fibres of the material. To remove it from there, use liquid MAVI STEP Total Cleaner. This concentrated product, in addition to cleaning, has softening and moisturising properties. As a result, at this stage, you will not only remove deep dirt, but you will also perform delicate care on the material.
    Since MAVI STEP Total Cleaner is a concentrate, it should be diluted with water before use. The optimal ratio that is acceptable in most cases is 1:6. But if your leather jacket has serious dirt or, conversely, if you bought it recently, you can change this proportion.
    When the solution is ready, wet a sponge with it and clean the leather. We recommend carrying out this process until there is no dirt on the sponge; this is an indicator that the leather fibres are completely cleaned.
  4. Polish the leather jacket. When the leather jacket is dry after using MAVI STEP Total Cleaner, polish it with a brush.
  5. Restore the structure of the jacket’s leather. Is your leather item old and has not been regularly cared for with quality products? There is a high probability that the leather fibres began to break down under the influence of various external factors. Because of this, your jacket can quickly become unusable, and you will not be able to “save” it yourself. To prevent this, it is important to restore the leather at the structural level with the help of special products.Ремонт кожаной куртки и другой верхней одежды жидкой кожейMAVI STEP Cream Softener is a product that, in addition to moisturising and nourishing the leather, “sews” its damaged fibres. Be sure to use this cream before applying leather repair cream if the item to be restored has not been regularly treated with care products.
    Both a sponge and a cotton cloth can be used to apply MAVI STEP Cream Softener. Apply a minimum amount of the product, as it has a high concentration of natural regenerating components.
    From the moment the jacket is treated with MAVI STEP Cream Softener, 24 hours should pass before it is restored with leather repair cream. This is how much time it takes for the product to qualitatively “sew” the damaged leather fibres.
  6. Additionally, make the surface of the jacket matte. Perform this step delicately and for a short time, as the main matting has already been done in the second stage.
  7. Eliminate all damage to the leather jacket. It is time to perform the main step of this instruction and restore the surface layer of the leather. To do this, use MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream. This is an innovative product that, after application and drying, forms a flexible and elastic layer on the treated surface.
    Apply a small amount of this product to the damaged area of the jacket leather with a sponge or cotton cloth. Apply leather repair cream, alternating immersion and one-sided movements.Ремонт кожаной куртки и другой верхней одежды жидкой кожей
  8. Polish the leather of the jacket. The minimum drying time of MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream is 20–40 minutes. But, for maximum adhesion of the product to the leather fibres, we recommend leaving the restored jacket in a warm room for 24 hours. After that, carefully polish the outerwear with a soft cloth.

Now you know how to repair a leather jacket with leather repair cream. If, after reading this article, you still have questions, you can always get answers by contacting MAVI STEP consultants. You can do this by contacting us in the most convenient way for you, as indicated on the “Contact” page.

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