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Restoration, Repair, and Dyeing of the Steering Wheel with Leather Repair Cream

Last updated on 18.11.2022

Due to the lack of proper care for the leather steering wheel with quality products, scuffs, scratches, and cracks appear on its surface, and the colour of the bristles fades. Such damage to the steering wheel occurs due to constant physical exertion as well as under the influence of sweat and grease from the hands.

If the above happens to the steering wheel of your car, do not rush to take it to the workshop; you can restore the surface of the leather steering wheel at home. In this article, we will tell you how to restore the steering wheel with leather repair cream, spending a minimum of time and money.

Restoring the Steering Wheel with Leather Repair Cream: Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Clean the steering wheel from surface contaminants. We recommend using a MAVI STEP Reagan or MAVI STEP Alexandra brush for cleaning. It is important to clean the steering wheel as thoroughly as possible. It is the quality of this stage that determines the effectiveness of the application of the products at the following stages. After cleaning the steering wheel with a brush, we recommend going over it with a cotton cloth to remove the remnants of surface contaminants.
  2. Perform a deep cleaning of the leather steering wheel. For deep cleaning of leather upholstery, use MAVI STEP Total Cleaner. In addition to cleaning, this product moisturises, softens, and tones the leather, preparing it for further restoration. MAVI STEP Total Cleaner is a concentrated cleaning agent. Therefore, to clean the steering wheel before its restoration with leather repair cream, dilute the product with water in a ratio of 1:6. Then dip a sponge into the resulting solution and spotlessly clean the steering wheel surface. Pay special attention to the seams; they accumulate the most dirt.
  3. Make the leather steering wheel matte. After the cleaned steering wheel is completely dry, take the MAVI STEP Abrasive Sponge and make its surface matte. It is important to perform this step as carefully as possible to ensure the best adhesion of the leather repair cream to the leather surface. After the matting of the steering wheel is completed, go over its surface with a cotton cloth. This will remove the “dust” that has formed after cleaning with the MAVI STEP Abrasive Sponge.
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  4. Restore the leather steering wheel with leather repair cream. Take a small amount of MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream with a sponge and start applying it in a thin layer on the steering wheel surface. Apply the product, alternating one-sided and rubbing movements. If there are serious damages on the steering wheel surface, wrap a cotton cloth around your finger, take some leather repair cream, and treat these damages. After the product is completely dry (at least 20–40 minutes), polish the steering wheel with a soft cloth.
  5. Apply a finish to the leather steering wheel. The steering wheel is a device that is subjected to a very high load. That is why it is important to protect the layer of leather repair cream from premature damage. To do this, apply a few drops of MAVI STEP Universal Dye Fixative on a sponge and treat the entire surface of the steering wheel. Wait for the finish to dry and polish the steering wheel with a soft cloth.

As you can see, dyeing the steering wheel with leather repair cream is not such a complicated process. We are sure that any car owner will cope with this task, even one who has never done anything like it before.

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