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What Exactly Is Leather Repair Cream, and How Does It Work?

Leather repair cream is a slang name for a creamy-consistency dye for leather goods. Another common name for this product is cream dye. There is one more common definition of this term: leather repair cream is a cross between putty and dye, or, in other words, this product is a dyeing putty.

As for the composition of leather repair cream, its main ingredients are pigments and thickeners. The latter component has nothing to do with household glues or other similar substances. That is why we would like to immediately disappoint everyone who is looking for ways to create leather repair cream in their kitchen or garage. It is impossible to do this at home. Of course, we do not exclude the possibility that you will get something similar in terms of consistency or even action. But very little time will pass, and the layer formed by this homemade product on the leather item will either crack and peel off or damage the leather. For this reason, we recommend: if you do not have a chemical education and knowledge in the field of leather production, do not try to create leather repair cream at home. Your favourite leather shoes or outerwear that will rest in peace in a landfill are the result of using such homemade remedies.

Another reason why we advise against trying to make leather repair cream at home is that it is a waste of time. You can spend hours, days, or even weeks making this product in your kitchen. And in the end, you will get something that is very likely to damage your favourite leather item. Do you need all this trouble if you can just buy MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream? Do you want to be able to use a product made by professionals with many years of experience? And besides, don’t spend all the money in the world on this purchase. The answer, in our opinion, is obvious.

What Exactly Is Leather Repair Cream, and How Does It Work?

Another important point concerns the composition of leather repair cream. Even if several companies produce leather repair cream using the same components, it is unlikely that the quality of the final product will be the same. After all, some of these companies will definitely try to save on the cost of leather repair cream by using low quality ingredients.

MAVI STEP produces leather care products exclusively from the highest-quality components. That is why our products receive such a huge number of positive reviews. And that is why it can be seen both among ordinary residents of Ukraine and European countries and in restoration workshops.

Leather repair cream is available in different versions, depending on its density and the level of damage that it is able to repair. The MAVI STEP company produces flexible and elastic leather repair cream. It is suitable for repairing goods made of genuine and artificial leather, as well as vinyl, which have shallow damage and defects.

Flexible and elastic MAVI STEP Leather Repair Cream completely covers the surface of the item and repaints it. In other words, this product reconstructs the surface of the leather. This is due to the fact that the leather repair cream creates a new layer on the surface of the item. It also penetrates into the structure of the material, binding to its fibres.

The main advantage of our leather repair cream is that it is made in such a way that it is convenient to use, even if you have never done anything like this before. MAVI STEP leather repair cream is applied with a sponge or a piece of cotton cloth. You can read more about this in one of our previous blog articles, where we described in detail how to use leather repair cream.

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Finally, we note an important point. You can always get answers to any questions regarding the selection and use of MAVI STEP products. To do this, contact us by choosing the most convenient way for you, as indicated on the “Contact” page.

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